5-page Essay

You will be required to write a five page no more and no less, or you will be docked points) paper. It must be double spaced and use font size 12. Proof your paper carefully for spelling and grammar errors You will be marked down for these errors.) before submitting through Turnitin area. You just submit your paper normally to the assignment. It will automatically go to Turnitin. It takes about 24 hours sometimes less) to see your similarity report.) Turnitin will give you a similarity report. It should be less than 20%. To see your similarity report percentage after submission, click on Submission Details” on the right side of the screen. In the green box to the right of your file name is your similarity %. The similarity report does not pop up immediately on Turnitin. Give it 24 hours to give you the similarity report. You will be marked down considerably if your similarity report is higher than 20%) You must site a minimum of three references you used to get your information. References need to be the only information on the sixth page of your document. When using the internet for research, I would like you to use Google Scholar. No references can be used from Wikipedia.) Your paper should include at least three different reference sources. Online sources should be .gov, .edu or .mil. One of the sources must be from a book. Please use MLA format for your paper. Here is a link to MLA formatting Links to an external site.). Your paper can be submitted any time between January 24th and February 27th.