A natural supplement and weight loss

Your cousin goes out and buys some new nutritional supplements. The bottle claims that the supplements will give her lots of energy, increase her metabolism, and help her lose weight. For the next eight weeks she takes the supplement every day but does not work out. Thinking that your experience in this class has made you an expert in biology, your cousin asks you to explain why there is no weight loss. Be specific and complete in your answer. What are some of the best scientific ways to lose weight?Some issues and questions to consider: Nutritional supplements are not regulated by the FDA and provide false claims and have no ability to do what they claim. Others may help temporarily but can have very serious side effects due to high doses of stimulants such as caffeine and ephedra or other thermogenic products, which increase body temperature. In addition, these products will have no effect once they are discontinued.Submist a paper between 450 and 550 words that answers the questions. Make sure you explain what may be happening with this natural product