Abu Ghraib

formulate main argument and thesis of the paper The main thrust of the research, should be understanding the conflict, including the different sides involved, the impact of the conflict/violence on people in multiple strata, and the connections between the local, the regional, and the global.3 outside sources and 2 sources in class used which are uploaded scholarly article in APA format) Relating to the topic of the essay which is Abu Ghraib.Historical research should be presented to get the roots of the conflict, and the analysis should take into account muliple perspectives and the effect of multi-leveled power relations. This is a research paper which should clearly and cogently present an analysis of a site or context of violence. The paper should identify the types of forms of violence at play. You have room within the assignment to be creative, for example if you would like to focus on the impact of violence on children or women in the context you choose, that is fine, however you still need to providea clear, cogent, and sophisticated analysis of the context of violence, including its historical developmentand its macro-micro connections. Other creative approaches based in substantive research are very much encouraged.DO NOT use citation generator, use by hand.