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TopicYou are the newly appointed President and CEO of New Age Retirement Community located in Baltimore. New Age has been moving towards a more progressive approach to elder care and has hired you because of your extensive experience and innovative ideas. They are moving away from activities such as bingo and shuffleboard and would like to see something new and fresh but also cost-effective. You are excited to implement your new ideas but also hesitant as to how the elders will receive your new approach. The population of New Age is mostly low-income long-time residents of Baltimore who need resources and support in order to reside in a community. They also have a strong desire to continue developing as they age in their community. [15 pts] Discuss your initial approach to activities at New Age, what would you do in your first week as President?[20 pts] After your initial plan, how are you going to approach running the retirement community long term?[20 pts] Discuss what new and innovative technologies you plan on introducing at New Age that are cost-effective and support the needs of your particular residents[20 pts] What barriers do you think you will face in implementing new approaches? From whom?[15] Discuss how you feel technology and innovations will enhance the elder experience at New Age, specifically addressing the type of residents you have.Guidelines [10pts]