all things fall apart

Explication de Texte a method of close analysis of a literary text concentrating on language, style, context and/or textual relationships.Your final paper will be an explication de texte.  The paper is due Nov. 30th 202  In your paper, you may address anything from Achebe’s style to a specific set of characters.  Or you might choose to focus on specific issues or relationships.  Things Fall Apart MUST be the focus of your paper.  Do NOT introduce another book into your essay.  This should be an English paper, not a History or Sociology paper.  You should have at least two sources; one source is the book.  You may only use direct quotes; no paraphrasing is allowed.  You must use MLA formatto document your essay.Your final paper:• Must be three pages long. The outline and Works Cited are not part of page count.• Must be typed in 12 pt. Arial font. This page is 12pt Arial.• Must be double spaced.• Must have at least four direct quotes. Two from each of your sources).• Must have an outline• Must have a Works Cited. Papers with Bibliographies will fail.Possible themes include, but are not limited to:Issues surrounding ManhoodIssues surrounding FatherhoodIssues surrounding ShameThree men in the storyThree women in the storyWhat constitutes personal success in the novel