Analysis of Cultural Policy Text

Find a cultural policy document of a city, a nation or an international policy agent. Perform ashort content analysis of the document using the key concepts of the course unit. Write a shorttext reflecting on the following issues:• From which policy model Hillman-Chartrand & McCaughey) and which policytradition Mulcahy) does the policy document originate? How is that evident in the text?• Which policy goals and instruments can be identified? Can these instruments beexpected to deliver the policy goals? Why not)?• Which types of values intrinsic, instrumental, and institutional) are assigned to the artsin the document? How do they relate to the policy goals?• Does the document take negative impacts of cultural policy into account and how? If so,do you think these negative impacts are addressed adequately? If not, what could benegative impacts and how could they be mitigated?The goals of the assignment is to train analysing cultural policy as text by describing the contentof the document systematically and critiquing the document using the concepts of the courseunit. Your text will be assessed on the correct use of theoretical concepts and the way youpresent empirical material from the policy text. Moreover, the assignment should demonstratethat you can make effective use of international comparative data on cultural policy and applythe policy models and traditions.Additional criteria:• Correct use of English• Structure of the text• Presentation of relevant literature and empirical data• Correct references to literature use Harvard Reference Style or Chicago author-date)• 2.500 to 3.000 words excluding bibliography)