any Political issue

Using the course textbook and 4 outside sources such as books, websites or articles) you’ll be writing a 3-5 page essay on a political issue you choose — with a focus on your ideological viewpoint. The idea behind this assignment is for you to explore your topic and explain liberal and conservative views of that topic.Start by reading Chap.1 and focus in on Political Ideologies Section 5). Refer to what you learn about ideologies from the book and identify your own ideological viewpoint on your topic by integrating ideas that you learn about from the articles. Then you’re going to flip things around and explain what the opposite sides’ viewpoint is, based again on ideology. Before you start the project read the instructions at the bottom of this page.Here are some political issues for you to choose from.Also, I’ve added some things to consider about each one.If you’d like to pick a topic that is not listed here, please check with me.)