Assignment: Unit 3 report

For this assignment, you are to put together a media packet for your chosen stadium relating to adidas and Coca-Cola — two companies which will be advertising at your stadium that you developed starting with your Unit 1 assignment.  Go to SponsorUnited and find the main pages for adidas and Coca-Cola using the search bar at the top is easiest). You will see a lot of information about the company, including lists of existing sponsorships.  You are to put together the following:  1) A memo to your stadium’s chief executive officer explaining the details of specifically how each company’s sponsorship will be activated at your stadium. Be very specific. Using your research on SponsorUnited, include photos of specific examples of how adidas and Coca-Cola activate their sponsorships in similar manners at other facilities.  2) A press release from your stadium announcing the two new sponsorships.