Bellard Written assignment child abuse

For those of you that like to get an early start on things you might want to begin your research paper to ensure that you have ample time to work on it and get it completed by the due date. Each semester, I try to change the research paper slightly. Sometimes, I assign a research paper, reaction paper, writing assignment, or maybe two to three essays on certain topics, such as your own personal experiences in dealing with child abuse. This time, I have decided to assign a short five pages, not including the reference and title pages) paper concerning your own personal experience with child abuse and/or neglect.Please type the paper, include a copy sheet with your name, class name, and assignment namealong with my name and date you submit it. Be sure to use a size 12 Times New Roman font, double spacing and spell check your work. Use APA format as well.If you have any questions, please ask. This is not a group effort. If you have personal experiences  please feel free to include information about them. I do not need to know things like names, gender, birth dates etc., unless it is important to the paper.This is due on Friday of the sixth week. You will need to cite your references. Wikipedia is not a source of scholarly information, and neither is Pink Monkey cliff notes website). If you use a web site as a reference, please be sure you know how to do that. The writer’s handbook recognizes the use of web site resources, and there is an example in the book to show you how to do that if you need to brush up). Thanks!