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  • write a bibliography at the end

    Your presentation should include 6-8 slides, and side notes not exceeding 150 words per slide. You should include references throughout and a bibliography at the end; they do not count towards the overall word count. The presentation will have to provide a critical analysis on the topic “Key political issues in the context of Covid-19”, […]

  • explain why you are concerned

    Youtube links for the cases: terms such as dose, response, exposure, absorption, the potential for causing adverse effects, risk from exposure, biomarker of exposure, etc., write an essay Comparing the Coldwater Creed site with the LOVE CANAL incident. Include the short term and long term public impact of these types of exposures1. Introduction of […]

  • Explain what steps you will need to develop and establish to facilitate a successful audit.

    Your project lead has asked you to determine if PVSS has ever conducted an audit. After further investigation of the situation, you determine that this will be the first review that PVSS has conducted or to which it has been subjected. Your project lead has asked you to summarize your review and next steps.In a […]

  • How will that affect scope, costs, and  schedule?

    Your project sponsor and customer are impressed with your project  schedule, but due to some factors out of your or their control, you’ve  been told to deliver your project early. Using the information from the  readings, explain how you would go about assessing the possibility of  delivering your project early. How will that affect scope, […]

  • Explain what each measure tells the project manager.

    Your project sponsor is not familiar with earned value management (EVM).  You have been asked to provide him with a quick overview of EVM. Using the information covered in the readings, suggest the top three EVM  performance measures (some may also be indexes) on which you would educate your project sponsor. Explain what each measure […]

  • Explain how your information system addresses or can adapt to the introduction of these new product offerings.

    Your proposed information system is still a contender. However, the executives are asking whether it is too limited to prevent the shadow IT projects that continue to occur throughout the organization.They believe that you have considered what the organization does now, but how will your system adapt to new products and processes? The following video […]

  • What specific programs will you put in place to help your key personnel do the same?

    Your new mobile phone business is now approaching its first anniversary and you are able to step back and finally take a deep breath and consider positive changes that could be implemented. One of these changes is to transform you from a reactive maniac running around putting out fires, to a role model, achieving personal […]

  • Analyze the effects (not advantages or disadvantages) of globalization of project teams on project execution.

    Your organization is expanding globally and you will no longer have direct contact with members of your team. It is important to be able to communicate effectively so that projects can be executed effectively. The team is tasked with presenting their ideas for working effectively with global and virtual teams.Here are some important reminders about […]

  • Define secure coding policies and tests for internally created software

    Your organization’s chief information security officer (CISO) wants to improve the application security controls throughout the company since it must protect the confidential and personally identifiable information of its customers.Outline a 2- to-3-page security policy in which your team:Defines application security policiesDefines user login and password policiesDefines secure coding policies and tests for internally created […]

  • Do you think the story is appropriate for a high school class?

    Your paper is going to work toward answers to two questions about “not an elegy for mike brown” by Danez Smith. Do you think parents or community members would approve of this story being taught in a high school class? What kinds of things might some parents object to? To shape your answer to this, […]