EXERCISE #1 PRIVATE SECURITY SELECTION AND TRAININGPrivate Security Officer Selection and Training Guideline” is a 2010 ASIS International document that offers state regulatory agencies with consistent minimum qualifications to improve the performance of private security officers and the quality of security services.” After thoroughly reviewing this document, describe how you, as a corporate security operative, would react to the ASIS guidance and state whether or not you would support the guidelines relating to the regulation of security and pre-assignment, post assignment, and annual training requirements.More importantly, explain your rationale and the justification you would provide to the organization’s CEO for the added annual expense that likely would result.  Also, you are asked to research your home state’s private security training requirements and report it in this discussion and comment on its potential effectiveness for improving security operative performance and professionalism.EXERCISE #2 CURBING THEFT THROUGH EFFECTIVE INTERNAL CONTROLS: SELECTION OF PERSONNEL