Class essay

You should have read A & P by John Updike. This is the final assignment for this unit. Please read all directions. Most students who do not do well on assignments neglect to meet the guidelines. Due: Nov. 12 by 11:59 p.m. EST I added an extra day)Format: MLA 12-point standard college font, double-spacing, MLA header and heading You have to use the text as support strategically throughout the essay. Cite at least three times from the text story). For this essay, you will be graded on correct format and each time you include support from the text, you must cite. You will also need to include a Works Cited page. I will grade you for effort for the Works Cited. Do not use research for this essay. However, I will check for plagiarism.  Please read the plagiarism policy.Points: 100Submission Details: Turn in via Moodlerooms I will not accept via email.DirectionsOnly compose five paragraphs. Points will be taken off for more or less.  Compose an Introduction that includes the following: