Topic, Thesis,  Abstract & TitleTOPIC:  Research and analyze a specific experiment or another example of dubious scientific ethics carried out by multiple collaborators after World War II. These may include physical and psychological studies or collusion by healthcare industries. A list of previous topics will be posted in announcements leading up to discussion #7 paper proposal. Students may NOT write about the CIA’s MK Ultra Project as their main topic as that is the subject of the Module 2 sample student essay.THESIS: The essay should address whether the Nuremberg Code or another ethical standard applies to the topic, and if so, how. Additionally, consider the answer to at least one research question that will help readers learn more about the subject and its relevance today, something like: could this happen again?” or how is this relevant today?” or what was accomplished, if anything, by the research or policies enacted?”ABSTRACT of about 300 words, which counts towards the essay’s 2000-word minimum, must appear on page one. Consult the UNC Writing Center handout and follow the directions for crafting an informative” abstract Links to an external site.).TITLE should be clearly tied to the topic. Try a two-part title: a mix of abstract and concrete divided by a colon.