Contemporary Management

Write a 3,500-word paper that critically discusses with appropriate reference toliterature) ‘Contemporary Management Today’. Please address the following areas:a) Management Strategy in Context: Drawing on your own professional experience andreading, critically analyses macro factors redefining contemporary management today.Identify key challenges and opportunities for management within your sector or region,discussing possible implications for management strategy. 750 words)b) Management Skills: Critically review new ideas about management practice today thathighlight managerial skill sets. Discuss the emerging importance of managerial mindsetalongside new developments in AI. 750 words)c) Management Systems: Critically review current theory & research relating to changemanagement practices and assess its relevance for contemporary managers. 750 words)d) Management Style: Critically consider the interplay between management style andorganizational culture in enabling sustainable outcomes. 750 words)e) Management Insights: Critically reflect on your journey in learning over this module andoutline insights derived from the assignment, participation in lectures & reading. How willyou apply this learning going forward? 500 words)