create a training for a software engineering team

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology project and need support to help me learn.You have just been hired as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist at a XYZ corporation. XYZ is a very well-known and established Technology Company focused on creating user friendly enterprise services for other corporations. You have been tasked to create a training for a software engineering team whose manager has been worried about the overall communication styles of the team. You have begun doing some research and created a needs assessment to figure out what the software engineers feel is missing in team communication, as well as interviewed the manager asking for specific areas they would like the team to work on. I need to work on training materials for professional communication- could make your own or get some tips from other sources. Team size: 9 Engineers; 4 Project ManagersTeam Focus: Creating website for one of their clientsLocation: Remote, but all live in Miami, FLCurrent Communication Process: Team is fully remote so they mainly use Microsoft Teams and E-mail to communicate. They only meet once every two weeks as a group on a virtual meeting. Main concern: The manager feels that team is not cohesive and that there is a lack of communication, causing delays in the projectsGoals and ObjectivesThe training will focus on four goals, which include ensuring that employees and management create a clear communication of activities without ambiguity, improving the communication response rate for the project stakeholders, establishing and developing relationships within the team, and diversifying the communication delivery from different areas and departments. The communication training objectives will be: to improve an individual’s capability to communicate information openly, advance skills, understand better communication from the team, observe the actual implementations, and demonstrate and uphold the principles of effective communication. PurposeThe purpose of this training is to aid in establishing consistency in quality communication between employees and their managers in project delivery. The employees need to identify with the brand by practicing effective communication with the stakeholders and in different conditions. Essentially, communication for every person is vital since it demonstrates the individual brand of each employee.