Create cells; graphs; trendline; insert formula

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing case study and need support to help me learn.Instructions to theMini Case assignmentPurpose of AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to give you the chance to solve a realistic business problem,using business productivity software and knowledge that you would have learned from thecourse.Your submission will require:1) A word document that contains the steps (elaborated) you took to solve the problem(Analysis Steps) and the final decision based on your analysis2) An Excel file that contains the data set and the analysis steps you followed including themanipulation of the data in the data setNB: To submit your assignment, you will need to zip all your files into a zip folderName the zipped folder with your first name, last name, and assignment name – for example ifyou name is john doe and submitting assignment 1, then the file should be names:johndoeassignment1.zipGrading breakdownYour grade will be based on the content of your word file which should include all figures andtables and text created in excel, access, etc… (What is to be included is up to you. The goal ofthe word file is that it integrates all information necessary from identifying the problem to thesolution graphs and figures and interpretation).In other words, the statement of the problem, your analysis and how you went about it, anyassumptions you may have made, and integration and explanations of your graphs and figuresinto the document from other sources such as excel and access. However, there will be pointsallocated to the individual files as explained below. pdf Word file: ~1000 words Figures: 2 or more figures Tables: 2 or more tables Excel: Create cells; graphs; trendline; insert formula;if-the-else function; insert some statistical functions such as averageexplain graphs