criminology serial killer mass murder

-You are to select a serial killer or mass murderer of your choice and research the offenders) background. 2-   Then you will select a criminology theory of your choice and then discuss the theory in detail. I will provide a list of theories this week! 3-    Then you will use your chosen theory in an attempt to explain the behaviors/crimes of your selected person s).    The paper breakdown is as follows: Cover Pagenot page 1)AbstractIntroductionBodyConclusionsReference Pagenot page 5)  The paper must be 10 pages in length not including your cover page, abstract, and reference pages. The paper is to be typed and double spaced. The paper must be referenced using APA format. If you do not know how to use APA, please see me for assistance. You MUST cite your sources within the paper itself; a paper with no sources WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL BE RETUNRED TO YOU!!! It is not enough to have a reference page; as you must include references within the paper itself.