Crisis Guide

For this assignment, the student will choose a topic of crisis/trauma and create a Crisis Guide, outlining how to deal with their chosen topic. By Module 5, the student will create a Crisis Guide and submit it as a PowerPoint presentation on their chosen topic of Crisis/ Trauma. Through the use of design, content, and images, the presentation will focus on: 1) prevention, 2) preparedness, 3) response, and 4) recovery.Choose a crisis topic that interests youone that you would like to learn more about. Next, research your topic and prepare a PowerPoint presentation, outlining a Crisis Guide on how to respond to your chosen crisis topic. The presentation must include 10-15 slides. Each slide must have at least 150 words in the notes area detailing what is on each slide. An additional slide listing all references in current APA format must be included. Images may be incorporated where appropriate, but they must be cited. Your Crisis Guide must include creative content on areas of prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.