Critically discuss the factors affecting students’ expectations in your branch

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business case study and need support to help me learn.Theoretical Section:Elaborate on the Zone of Tolerance according to your branch.Critically discuss the factors affecting students’ expectations in your branchThe Empirical Investigation:Design either a quantitative (survey/questionnaire) or qualitative (interview) research methodology to determine student satisfaction in your university branch. The minimum requirement for a survey using a questionnaire is 25Theoretical Section : The report should elaborate on the Zone of Tolerance and critically evaluate the factors affecting students’ expectations. The report should refer to course materials and other academic references (journals, books, reports, etc.). 600 wordsData Collection : Based on your understanding of the topic, identify the questions you will ask in your questionnaire/interview. An appendix containing the questionnaire/interview questions and contacts should be attached to the written research. 300 wordsData Analysis: Analyse the data you have gathered using techniques appropriate for quantitative or qualitative data. The justification of the techniques used and the outcome of the results should be shown in the research. 300 wordsDiscussion : Interpret the results of your investigation and reach conclusions to present. In this section, the student is expected to provide applicable implications to service providers for better positioning. 300 words