Critically discuss the veracity of this statement.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a law question and need guidance to help me learn.Paper instructions : The expert can choose 1 of the following question to write a 4000 words essay on 1. Critically examine the liability for wrongful birth in clinical negligence.2.Under s 1C of the NHS Act 2006, in exercising his functions under theAct, the Secretary of state has a duty to have regard to the need toreduce inequalities between the people of England with respect to thebenefits that they can obtain from the health service. Criticallydiscuss the practical implications of this duty.3. It is time that the law recognised property rights in the body or in body parts which have been removed. Critically discuss.4.‘The principle of respect for patient autonomy has attained too muchimportance in English medical law; the rights and interests of partiesother than the patient should be better accounted for.’ Critically discuss this statement with reference to the protection accorded to the autonomy of children.5.“In the UK, the right to assisted dying has been recognised in all butname.” Per Ed Wise, LLB 3. Critically discuss the veracity of thisstatement. 6. Critically analyse the law on surrogacy in the UK and consider what reforms, if any, should be made to it.Format of your submission• Include a title page with your submission. The title page must:•List the following: Your student ID number, module code, module title,module tutor, coursework title, the number of pages submitted and aword count.• Include the following statement: “This submissionis entirely my own work (permitted group work and collaborative elementsexcepted). Every source I have drawn upon has been referenced and nopart of this work has been submitted for another assessment.”Word limit: Word limit: maximum 4000 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography)Youmay exceed this word limit by 10%- that is by an extra [400] wordsmaking a total of no more than [4400] words. If you exceed this upperlimit, the extra words will be ignored in awarding the grade. Footnotesmust only be used to provide citations for authorities and forreferencing texts and articles. Text included in footnotes in breach ofthis restriction will be added to the overall word count for thepurposes of determining whether the upper limit of [4400] words has beenbroken.• Font: Arial, text size 12, line spacing 1.5• Each page should be numbered• Referencing is required. You are required to use OSCOLA style citation for consistency.