critique a movie

You will critique a movie where a group of people attempt to complete a task. It is important that you watch the movie at least two times. First, watch the movie for an overall perspective of thesetting, the plot, the characters and the group dynamics. Next, watch the movie a second time…this time with a critical intent, with the purpose of analyzing the elements of group dynamics demonstrated in the movie, as well as the group’s relationship to the environment. You should take notes during the second viewing to make writing your paper easier.You will complete a series of communication assessments to understand your behaviors. In the paper, you will talk about your assessment scores, what they mean about your communication, and how you would fit into the group in the movie.Here are the steps you should take to complete this assignment:1. Read the assignment descriiption.2. Read the grading rubric.3. Pick your movie.4. Watch the movie multiple times.5. Complete the self-assessments.6. Answer the series of questions in the assignment descriiption (below).7. The goal of the paper is to a) learn about your communication and b) determine how you would fit into this group of people.Provided below are links to the assessments, details for completing the assignments, grading rubric and a list of movies to pick from. The movies have various ratings due to violence and language. Pick accordingly.These are the communication assessments you need to complete:1. The personal report of communication apprehension scale. a. The willingness to listen scale a. The nonverbal immediacy self-report scale a. will complete all of these scales about yourself. Once completed, you will have three scores that assess your anxiety levels associated with communicating in diverse situations, your willingness to listen to others, and how nonverbally responsive you are as a communicator.Now, that you have an understanding of your own behaviors, you will know act as if you are part of the group in the movie you watched. It is important to note that you should not pick the character that you think you would be most like; rather, based on your scores, how would you interact with the group if you were to join the group. You should address the following topics:1. What are your scores on the scales? (you should have citations for all references used in your paper. This means you also need a references list).2. What do these scores mean? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?3. Now that you are part of the group in the movie you watcheda. What would you contribute to this particular group?b. What would your struggles be with this particular group?c. What would your role in this particular group be?4. Overall, what influence does the addition of you and your communication style have on the group and its achievements?A note on essay style:*It is critical that the essay have a “beginning, a middle and an end.”*Be sure your essay follows a logical format; support observations/conclusions with supporting evidence and material from the movie, text, and from information discussed in class. Discuss one or two ideas thoroughly and in depth rather than include many unconnected, unsupported ideas.*In a critical analysis, it is important to make observations from which some conclusion(s) may be drawn (this is where “critical thinking” comes in); explain WHY that conclusion was drawn.*Strive for clarity; use precise words, use specific/concrete examples*EDIT,EDIT,EDIT….unclear sentence structures, typos and spelling errors should be caught and corrected before turning in the final paper.PLEASE PICK ONE OF THESE MOVIES:Oceans 11 – PG 13The Breakfast Club – ROffice Space – RAmerican Pie – RCharlie’s Angels – PG 13 (Released in 2000, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu)Half Baked – RX Men – PG 13 (Released in 2000)Steel Magnolias – PGThe Lost Boys – RThe Hangover – RApollo 13 – PGRemember the Titans – PGThe Mighty Ducks – PGThe Avengers – PG 13 (Released in 2012)The Fast & The Furious (the first one; Released in 2001 PG 13