Cultural Considerations

Use the CapraTek: Cultural Considerations simulation to write a 1-page email concerning a cultural issue faced by an American employee on a foreign assignment, and a 2-4 page analysis with recommendations for leadership addressing CapraTek’s gift policy.IntroductionEmployees on foreign assignments may deal with cultural beliefs, values, and norms that are different from those in the United States. Often times, cultural differences can create issues that conflict directly with the employee’s organizational policy as well as the laws of the land. Human resource HR) professionals working for global businesses help create and manage expatriate conduct and compliance policies.PreparationComplete the CapraTek: Cultural Considerations simulation, which involves a sales director who received an expensive gift and is seeking guidance on what to do. The gift is part of the cultural norm of the host country, but it may violate CapraTek’s gift policy. You will write an email to the employee, and based on global cultural considerations, you will make recommendations to leadership regarding CapraTek’s gift policy.Instructions