Demonstrate the competencies and skills needed to perform fundamental Machine

Learning Goal: I’m working on a python project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.The aim of this project is to provide the students with the opportunity to:Work with real-life datasets to train a Machine Learning (ML) modelDemonstrate the competencies and skills needed to perform fundamental Machine Learningtechniques (PreProcessing, Curve Fitting, Classification, Clustering and Deep Learning)Write and present a brief executive report of findings and recommendationsYou are required to work in a group to analyze real time data using Python. In this project you will read thereal-life dataset from national or international data source on suitable domain. Set 7 objectives to analyzefor the chosen data set using Python Pandas, Numpy, SciLearn etc. library. Write a well-structured reportthat contains executive summary and recommendations on your findings.Skills to be demonstrated:The selected dataset and derived ML Model challenge the student to demonstrate the following skills:Ability to read data from external files and store data in a Pandas Data Frame • Analyze dataPre process by Sort data, Filter data, Group data, clean data etc.Perform fundamental Machine Learning (Supervised or Unsupervised) techniques (Curve Fitting,Classification, Clustering and Deep Learning)Train, optimize and test your model.Visualize by appropriate plotting/chartingData Sources:Students are encouraged to select an appropriate dataset from any of the open data projects including:USA Open Data Project: Open Data Project: dimensions of an appropriate dataset are at least 1000 rows by 10-20 “relevant” column—————————————————————————-Project ASSESSMENT [70%]Submit in a Word / PDF format using the given template in the aboveSubmit one Jupyter notebook with submission with all the codes.Submit Screen shots of the output.—————————————————————————Need jupyter notebook(.ipynb) file and PPTFor more information please see the attachment