Describe a possible story angle that could be pitched.

Part A: Discussion Prompt:Describe a possible story angle that could be pitched.Requirements:Remember to professionally address all questions as directed by the prompt.Initial discussion post should be a minimum of 150 wordsA craft brewery, started five years ago by a young couple in El Paso, has now reached the point in production and sales that has enabled it to expand its distribution throughout Texas and New Mexico. Your public relations firm is hired to get media coverage by pitching story ideas to various publications.Part B: Color psychology is theory-based and part mythical reflections on the emotional and mental effects of color, both positive and negative. Blue, green, purple and other cool tones generally are believed to create peaceful states of mind, while red, orange, yellow and other warm tones are associated with physical activity and excitement. Cool colors also are connected to sadness and aloofness, and warm hues to aggression and defiance. A study on color in marketing and advertising by Kissmetrics, a consumer-behavior tracking firm, shows buyers use visual stimulants over smell or touch to make 93 percent of their purchases. And color is the biggest stimulator.So… what color are you? Do a little research on the psychology of color and share your findings