Describe and analyse the role of discipline knowledge and evidence in addressing contemporary social and health issues

Learning Outcomes b) Describe and analyse the role of discipline knowledge and evidence in addressing contemporary social and health issues d) Recognise the structure, functions and purposes of codes of professional conduct and ethics in academic and professional contexts Write a compare and contrast of the codes outlining the similarities and differences within the two codes Write a reflective statement List A Acap Student Code of Conduct ACAP Fitness for Practice Policy Inherent Requirements for your course List B APS Code of Ethics PACFA Code of Ethics ACA Code of Ethics ICF Code of Ethics AASW Code of Ethics ANZSOC Code of Ethics Compare and contrast the similarities and differences that exist in the two codes. A compare and contrast?is required to examine similarities and/or differences of two elements.?Compare?focuses on similarities.?Contrast focuses on differences. Part 2: Write a reflective statement to focus on the following points: The role, strengths and limitations of ethical codes within organisations/groups; The relationship between personal and professional values to ethical living and learning and; The ways forward for developing and applying ethical codes to work and study. A?reflective statement?is an academic style of writing in which the writer focuses on past learning from the experience. This event is typically, but not necessarily, related to their academic studies. This form of writing is a process where students can learn from their experiences and connect theory with practice in your professional field or discipline. It can help students become more aware of assumptions and preconceived ideas, and it can help students to plan future actions. Reflective writin: To reflect the demands of the profession that students are preparing to enter, ensure that writing is according to the expected academic standard and context. APA referencing, paragraphing, and academic written expression in the genre indicated need to be error free. Basic APA document formatting Set the margins of your paper to be?2.54cm/1 inch?on all sides (go to?Margins?under?Page Layout) Use the font?Times New Roman The font size should be?12 point. Make sure your paper is?double-spaced?and that the?Before?and?After?boxes both read 0 (go to?Paragraph?and then look under?Spacing.) You text should be?aligned left?(also go to?Paragraph?and look under?General.) Indent the first line of paragraphs 1.27cm/0.5 inch from the left margin. (Use?Tab?key). Submission