Describe John Mill’s concept of liberty paying special attention “the majority

1) spend at least one-page carefully explaining John Stuart Mills’ concept of liberty from your reading but also in recorded lecture one. 2) spend at least one-page connecting Mill’s discussion of liberty to the argument of McIntosh in recorded lecture two or Bell in recorded lecture 3 (not both). Spend your last page posing at least one objection to your own argument and the answer to that objection. That should get you three pages not even counting an intro and conclusion.– Intro and thesis statement– Describe John Mill’s concept of liberty paying special attention “the majority, or those who succeed in making themselves accepted as the majority” quote from page 6 of John Staurt Mill’s On Liberty, I think this can easily be 1.5 pages of your paper.– Remember that when you quote, follow your quote with an interpretation of what that quote means in the context of your thesis statement. Anytime you use a concept (for example, liberty) you should define it. In this paper, Mill gives a definition of liberty so tell me how Mill defines it, then follow that quote up with your interpretation.– Optional: you may want to use Frederick Douglass’s “What to the Slave is the fourth of July” to help transition you to Peggy McIntosh or Derrick Bell. You can do this without Douglass but you may find him helpful.– Connect Mill’s discussion of liberty to either Bell or McIntosh (not both). Describe McIntosh or Bell. I think McIntosh could be explained in a page or less. Bell may take a page or more.Pose at least one objection. For example, “McIntosh’s argument about the existence of while privilege poses a threat to liberty but some people claim that they have never experienced white privilege.”– Respond to that objection. For example, “McIntosh’s list of examples of white privilege includes 50 examples and while it is possible that someone may have not experienced some of these fifty, it is demonstrable that many of these like #6, #8, and examples not listed here (are people of my race widely represented in state or federal government?) “systematically over empower certain groups” (McIntosh).The objection and reply could take one page alone.Summary / conclusion