Describe sources of income

Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Hello please create 4 slides with speaker notes and pics based on Social Service organization this fictitious. 4 slides should answer these 2 questionsDescribe sources of incomeEvaluate the strengths and challenges relates to your delivery systemListed below is details about the service organizations and the direction we’ll want to take it. I’m thinking we can focus on mental health services for those and families with incurables diseases. HIV/AIDS, HPV, and many others are used to label as a death sentence and those that were diagnosed were often ostracized without proper knowledge, misconceptions, and support groups, many mentally became victims of the diseases.I believe Florida has the highest STD count and new cases in the USA, which means people aren’t disclosing their status, or are ignorant to signs and even save sex practice.I believe our agency can cater to those that have incurable diseases helping them to find acceptance and still live a fulfilled life. We can also help provide information on STD’S and safe sex practices. Let me know your thoughts.Describe sources of incomeEvaluate the strengths and challenges relates to your delivery systemTo sort out the finances I was thinking public, so our location can be within the health departmentI was thinking of the states health department, but the organization can move and meet in high traffic cities or have sub departments.Maybe we can plan as Marco and offer trainings to those sub section within the states that are Mezzo and MircoYOU CAN USE A BASED WORD DOCUMENT JUST LABELED WHAT SHOULD BE ON POWERPOINT AND WHAT SHOULD BE IN SPEAKER SLIDE & REFERENCES. THANK YOU