EMS Management Essay

For this assignment, you will create a performance rating form for a clinical provider within an emergency medical services EMS) organization. An example is found on page 238 of your eTextbook. Your rating form must address five key work responsibilities that you determine are critical for a clinical provider within your organization. Make sure your components are measurable.In the same Word document, provide an explanation of how you determined that each of the five responsibilities is critical for your clinician evaluation. Relate the importance of a clinical evaluation tool for EMS professionals. Also, include if you would perform this criteria assessment using a peer appraisal, rating committee, self-rating assessment, appraisal by subordinates, or 360-degree assessment, and explain why you chose that method.Your completed assignment must be at least two pages in length. At a minimum, you must cite and reference the eTextbook and one outside source for your analysis. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.ResourcesThe following resources) may help you with this assignment.