Ethics of Peace, Sexuality, and the Environment

ReadThe Christian Response to Gender DysphoriaRespondA growing belief in contemporary society is that changing one’s gender (biological sexual identity) is a matter of personal freedom and choice. Some individuals believe that they were born as a male or female by mistake. Still, others are convinced that their life would be easier if they were a man or woman instead. Some individuals struggle with their gender identity (gender dysphoria) and identify psychologically in a way contrary to their biological sexual identity (e.g. women who identify with societal norms for men, or men who have interests in areas usually associated with women). Consequently, a growing number of individuals embrace the view that those who are conflicted (gender dysphoria) should have a basic human right to change their biological gender (sex reassignment surgery) in the pursuit of a happier life. Read the article providing an overview of Biblical teaching on sexual identity.Summarize the points that the author is making regarding sexuality and identity. Provide at least 5 bulleted points in total.How could the article help you counsel a friend who is confused/unhappy with their biological gender and is considering ‘sex reassignment surgery’?Explain how you personally feel about the author’s position on this subject.RequirementsInitial posts: 150-250 wordsCite two sources in your response.