Write a concise essay of 34 typewritten pages 750 -1000 words) in which you discuss the theme of sibling rivalry” in Genesis. You should examine the stories of Cain and Abel Gen 4:1-16), Isaac and Ishmael Gen 16:125:9), Esau and Jacob Gen 25:1935:29), Leah and Rachel Gen 29:1630:20), and Joseph and his brothers Gen 37:150:26). In each case, how does the relationship of each sibling with his/her parents and/or with God) affect the relationship with the other siblings)? What part do anger, jealously, and trickery play in the relationships? Recalling that, in the ancient world it is the eldest child who has the right of inheritance the Law of Primogeniture), how do the Biblical narratives invert the normal social order? In each case, what is the relevance of the story to the promises of the Abrahamic covenant? What role does God play in the narrative, and how does divine activity affect the outcome?