Gordon Rule- Environmental Sci

you can talk about any environmental situation you would like or one that has affected you in more ways than one. 1).Summary of the articles. 2).Compare and contrast the articles discussing where they both agree and disagree3).Your well thought–out and reasoned reactions to the articles that are supported by what you are learning, or have learned, in the course 4).The work must be between 2,000–3,000 words 5).A short literature cited for the two articles 6).You are free to use either APA or MLA formatting. The write–up must be typed, doubled spaced with Times New Roman font size 12) and 1 margin all around.Since this is a course in biology, the Gordon Rule paper must be on a topic that relates to the subject matter of the class e.g. astrobiology, bacteriology, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, botany including astrobotany), cell biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, histology, invertebrate zoology, medical science, nutrition, general zoology, mycology, phycology, physiology, vertebrate zoology, and/or virology).If you choose to use online sources, you must use .edu, .gov, or mainstream media sources. o Examples of mainstream media would be ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News,NBC News, etc. Please keep in mind that news outlets can have biases.The published work must be younger than two years to be considered applicable.No anecdotes, interviews, movies, etc., will be accepted.