HealthCare Management /Marketing

Your post should made in theforum and provide a clear answer to the question by summarizing the generalinformation reviewed; discussing how the information reviewed relates to healthcare issues being discussed; providing your thoughts and opinions relevant tothe information being discussed; and referencing additional information tosupport your response.Utilize your text book,PowerPoint lectures, and at least one other outside resource in yourresponse. .This means you must have a minimum of TWO resources citedin your post. No outsideover 5 years pleaseThese must be cited in-text and as a resourcelist in proper APA format.Your initial post to thequestion should be no less than 250 words in length. Initial posts that do notmeet the minimum word requirement will not be graded and will receive a scoreof 0. Word count does not include resource listing or your name/date/courseinformation; it will include content only.