History/Anzia Yezierska Reflection

Your assignment is to write a 1-2 page paper in you which you explain whether you think that the conflict between Sara the daughter in this story) and her father was the result of normal generational differences, immigrant status, or both. The body of your paper should explain and support your thesis statement with evidence from the story. The following are some questions you should think about and answer in the body of your paper, as a way to support your thesis: What does the father in this story think is his most important obligation to his family? How did he fulfill this obligation to his older daughters Bessie, Fania, and Mashah? 2. What does the youngest daughter Sara feel about the marriages that her father arranged for Bessie, Fania, and Mashah? Why does she feel this way? 3. How does Sara’s mother respond to the conflict between Sara and her father? Why do you think she did what she did? The conclusion of your paper should be a restatement of your thesis and a brief summary of the main issues you discussed.