Home Remodel ProjectPurpose: You have found a home to purchase. You are excited to do some remodeling, but you have a limited budget. You decide you can replace the flooring in one part of the house with a budget of $3500. You also plan to upgrade some landscaping. The purpose of this assignment is to use geometry and algebraic techniques to determine how much flooring you can replace given the flooring you have chosen and calculate the amount of mulch needed for the landscaping.Assignment Goal: Finding area, volume, converting into meaningful units, researching various options, and estimating project costs are just a few practical applications of mathematics involved in home improvement projects. In this assignment, you will address a real-world situation to complete a renovation project on a budget.Instructions: Answer the following questions about your remodel. Since floor plans for the home you chose in the Budget Project might not be available, use the following floor plan:***PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT***