improving aviation maintenance safety

You will choose your own topic for your research paper. Yourtopic must be approved by your instructor during Module 2. Keep in mind thataviation maintenance is a global industry, and as such, you may choose to useany international airline or maintenance organization for yourresearch. Your topic should be related to your Personal Learning Goalstated in Activity  Using your topic as a guide, you will research andidentify a real-world maintenance management problem. Once you have identifiedyour problem, you will research and develop an innovative solution to theproblem. Your research paper should be 4-6 pages in length not countingtitle page, abstract and reference page. It must be written according to APAguidelines, properly cited and free of grammatical errors, and will besubmitted via a link in by Day 3 in Module 9 using Turnitin anti-plagiarismsoftware. Find APA guidelines information in the Resources area of thecourse. Your research paper will be graded using the Research Paper Rubric.Please take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the rubric within  toensure you understand the requirements Topic:improving aviation maintenance safetytechniques and tools Management can use to enhance safetyin aviation maintenance