Integrated Curriculm

A Theoretical FrameworkSubmit the assignment by 11:59 PM PT Sunday of Module 2.A learning theory or theories should provide the framework for your design of an integrated curriculum with differentiation. In the presentations, you were provided an overview of four learning theories which are compatible with integration and differentiation. The learning theories are cognitivist, constructivist, Multiple Intelligences, and brain-based learning.In this assignment, you will learn more about each theory and then decide which theory or theories provides the most appropriate framework for the curriculum you are designing. You will need to consider such factors as learner characteristics, the learning environment, and how interactions and assessments take place.Create a 5-page paper in a Word document for your response. Follow APA format.Create a title page and references page in APA format.Research each of the theories presented in this module – cognitivist, constructivist, Multiple Intelligences, and brain-based learning. Find out more about each theory, and describe how learning, instruction, and assessment unfold in each framework.Select a theory or theories as the framework for the curriculum you are designing, and explain why it is compatible with your discipline and the potential disciplines you have chosen for integration.Compose a statement of purpose and a rationale to describe your beliefs as a curriculum designer and your goals for the learners you serve.How will the theory/theories support the curriculum you are designing?How will learner engagements with content take place?What will the learner demonstrations of knowledge and skills look like?What types of assessments will measure learning?What end-products will result?