Literary Analysis -One flew over the cuckoo’s nest book

Literary Analysis -One flew over the cuckoo’s nest book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Exam 50Marks: Ten Marks EachStudent Name:_________________________________              Mark:____/50 Instructions:Write a paragraph on any five of the twelve topics below. Be sure to write incomplete, correct sentences. Be sure to support your answer and write ingrammatically correct sentences.1.    Explain whatthe fog” is and how it relates to the narrator.2.    Explain indetail what the Combine” is and how it has affected one of the patients.3.    Point outthree scenes or things that are really therapeutic and explain why each istherapeutic.4.    Explain whyMcMurphy might be considered a savior or Christ figure.5.    Explain what DaleHarding means when he blames us” for what has happened to the men. 6.    Explain whatthe Control Panel,” what it symbolizes, and why it is important for eitherMcMurphy or the Chief to lift it.7.    Show how andwhy Nurse Ratched manipulates the therapy meetings.8.    Point outthree things that are foreshadowed and explain what each foreshadows.9.    Examine theChief’s past and provide three reasons for why the Chief is in the institution.10.Provide three examples where Nurse Ratchedmanipulates or/and controls the patients.11. Point out three archetypes and explain what eachis an archetype of and why.12. Explain the important roles Candy and/or Sandyplay. Free features N Outline $5 FREE N Revisions $30 FREE N Title Page $5 FREE N Bibliography $15 FREE N Formatting $10 FREE PLACE AN ORDER NOW Why Choose Us? N Satisfied and returning customers N A wide range of services N 6-hour delivery available N Money-back guarantee N 100% privacy guaranteed N Only custom-written papers N Free amendments upon request N Free extras by request N Constant access to your paper’s writer N A professional team of experienced paper writers N 10+ years of experience in the custom writing market MANAGE ORDERS We accept PLACE AN ORDER NOW