Literature Review and Problem Statement This part of the process should be very

Literature Review and Problem StatementThis part of the process should be very familiar to students as they have been required to writeliterature reviews in several courses as part of final papers. This literature review is different inthat it does not end with commentary on the findings in the various articles but rather leads up tothe statement of the research problem to be addressed in the project. Construct a 8 page(minimum) literature review from the journal articles and additional sources in APA format.Omit any abstracted articles from the annotated bibliography that are not relevant and includeadditional articles from your continuing review of the literature on the topic. There are to be noless than 15 academic articles referenced in the paper. The literature review should be written ina logical and coherent manner leading to the problem statement. It is not sufficient to merelyaddress one article after another as they must be integrated in a logical and flowing manner,using transition sentences.