Maison Carre, Nmes, France, c. 1-10CE Ancient Roman). 82 long x 40 wide)

Formal AnalysisChoose one of the three art works pictured above and write a 2-3 page*, double-spaced formal analysis. Describe the formal elements of your chosen artwork similar to what you did in Writing Assignment 1 Visual Description) and then discuss the potential meaning of those qualities based on your knowledge of similar art works, as well as the culture, religion, and society related to the work you’ve chosen see the ID information included above). In other words, your essay should describe the artwork briefly and then analyze what the appearance of the work tells us about its function, iconography, and context based on your knowledge of the culture and time period as discussed in our lectures and readings. Your main argument and thesis statement should focus on what you can infer about your chosen artwork. Be sure that you are connecting your claims about the artwork to specific evidence with warrants throughout the paper, otherwise your reader may not follow your argument. For additional tips on how to create strong warrants, click here.You’ll notice these are not art works we have discussed in class and they are not included in your textbook. That being said, you should not conduct any outside research for this assignment. Instead, I want you to rely on what you observe of your chosen artwork and what you have learned in class thus far.I am happy to review one draft of your essay and provide feedback that you can implement before the due date. If you would like me to review a draft, please email or submit to Canvas by Wednesday, October 27th. Late assignments will be accepted through Friday, November 12th but will be marked down 5% for each day after the due date.Some Helpful Hints