Managing the Visitor Experience

You should use a minimum of tensources which should all be cited within the text of the report andreferenced in a List of References. Reference all ideas, quotes, and information which you obtain frombooks, articles and the Internet using APA style. Direct quotes can onlybe up to a limit of 10% of your assignment and should be placed in quotemarks.If you do not appropriatelyreference ideas, quotes and information taken from published sources, itmay be considered plagiarism theft of ideas) and you may be awarded zeromarks 0%) for the assignment. Similarly, you should not plagiarise the work of another student;such action may result in both students receiving zero marks 0%) for theassignment.Assignmentsin excess or short) of 10 percent of the word limit will be penalised by10 percent of marks for every 10 percent of the excess or shortage) ofwords.