Memory Impairment Reflect response

Memory Impairment Reflect response  Response to my collegue post, discuss the practicality of their suggested memory improvements in the real world and in different professional disciplines.My Collegeue post:Conduct a little research, and report on two different types of memory loss.Both anxiety and depression and lead to memory loss. Memory can be affected during times of stress or disruption in the mood.  If a person has a significant anxiety disorder it can routinely generate some of these problems, which will leave them functioning at a lower-than-normal degree of memory (Meek, 2019).Depression can cause some debilitating experiences both physically and emotionally.  Few know that memory loss can also be caused by depression.  Someone who is experiencing depression is having alterations in their thought pattern, energy levels, and motivation.  With these changes they are not capable of taking in or recalling new information in a way, they are unable to pay attention like they would if they werent experiencing depression (Kirby, 2021).Pathological anxiety and chronic stress lead to structural degeneration and impaired functioning of the hippocampus and the PFC, which may account for the increased risk of developing neuropsychiatric disorders, including depression and dementia (Mah et al., 2016, par. 3).Anxiety and depression sometimes occur together, whether separate or together both require the person suffering from them to seek help from a mental health professional.  These disorders can be treated with medication (some people can get the symptoms to subside with exercise).  While not everyone wants medication to be the answer some have it to the extent that it is the only (or last) option.  Medication and/or therapy may not fix memory issues completely however it is a starting point to healing the brain.References:Meek, W. (2019).  How Generalized Anxiety Disorder Affects Memory. Kirby, S. (2021). The Link Between Depression And Memory Loss.  Mah, L., Szabuniewicz, A., & Fiocco, A. (2016). Can anxiety damage the brain? Curr Opin Psychiatry. 29(1); 56-63. Unread1 Free features N Outline $5 FREE N Revisions $30 FREE N Title Page $5 FREE N Bibliography $15 FREE N Formatting $10 FREE PLACE AN ORDER NOW Why Choose Us? N Satisfied and returning customers N A wide range of services N 6-hour delivery available N Money-back guarantee N 100% privacy guaranteed N Only custom-written papers N Free amendments upon request N Free extras by request N Constant access to your paper’s writer N A professional team of experienced paper writers N 10+ years of experience in the custom writing market MANAGE ORDERS We accept PLACE AN ORDER NOW