Methods Section

Write the Methods Section With a word count of at least 400 words, complete the first draft of your methods section. Include descriptions of the participants, materials, the research design, and the procedure that will be used.Although you will not be conducting a study, you will create the methods section of your research proposal describing in detail how you would carry out your proposed study. Here you will provide information about the methods and procedures you propose to use in your research study. It should include detailed information about the research design and the participants, how the equipment and materials will be used, and how the variables will be measured. With the information in this section, another researcher should be able to replicate the study. It is good practice to use subheadings to identify the components of the section.ParticipantsDescribe who the participants will be, how many will participate, and what selection process will be used. Include simple descriptive statistics in American Psychological Association APA) style. For example, The mean age of the participants is 22.43 years with a standard deviation of 2.34.”MaterialsDescribe the materials, measures, and equipment to be used. Include descriptions of any testing equipment, stimulus apparatus, technical equipment, images or other displays, or any other materials that will be used in the course of the research.DesignDescribe the research strategy and the specific design to be used, including whether it is to be between-groups or within-groups. Explain how participants will be assigned to conditions. Identify the independent variables IV), dependent variables DV), and control variables. Give them clear, meaningful names to avoid any confusion.ProcedureExplain what the participants will do, the order in which steps will occur, and how the data will be collected.Your submission will be reviewed by your instructor and returned to you with feedback, so that you can revise it as needed and include it with your final submission of the entire document in Lesson 13.