Minimum of 5 course concepts from the readings (Chapters 5-12, see attached powe

Minimum of 5 course concepts from the readings (Chapters 5-12, see attached powerpoints). Define, bold, and apply the concepts throughout the paper.Papers will be graded on 1) use of course concepts, 2) insights and analysis, and 3) spelling & grammar.All research, quotes, and source information should be properly cited using MLA or APA guidelines.For this writing assignment, choose a case study and using the textbook readings (attached powerpoints), analyze that case study from the perspective of communication ethics. This is an open-ended assignment are free to think of case study in very broad terms. The idea is to allow maximum flexibility in choosing a topic that you find interesting that you think can be thought about using the theories that we have read about to this point. A case study could be, but it not limited to, an ongoing news story, a political issue, something from popular culture like a scene from a movie, TV show, or book, a social/cultural issue, etc. Choose a case study from one of the following three categories: 1) interpersonal/intercultural communication ethics, 2) business/professional ethics, or 3) health care ethics. The paper should briefly summarize the case study that you choose and then analyze it using theories & concepts from the readings. It may be beneficial, though not required, to include research/sources when summarizing your case study. This and any other research (including the terms from the book) should be properly cited. While there are no specific things you must cover in your analysis, here are some questions that may be helpful in thinking about it. What does this case study have to say about the good? (how) do we see postmodernism at play in this case study? What narratives if any are influencing decisions or events in this case study? In what ways are assumptions about common sense at work in this case study?