Module 9 The Challenge of Interoperability 450 words in total 300 main responds

Module 9 The Challenge of Interoperability450 words in total 300 main responds 75 each for peer responds which I will post after 12/05/21Available until Dec 5, 2021 11:59 PM. Access restricted after availability ends.Make your initial post by 11/28 and all response posts by 12/5/21.In the advanced forum labeled, “The challenge of interoperability” discuss the questions “What is interoperability of patient care records? Is interoperability of patient care records truly within reach? What is the current state of patient care record interoperability, and what can nurses do to facilitate progress toward interoperability? (200-500 words). Review and comment on the posts of at least two of your classmates (75 words each). What points that they highlighted are the same as the ones you highlighted and what points are different? Did anything your classmate mentioned change your mind about interoperability? Consult the Rubric for Grading Advanced Forums in Appendix A, for the grading criteria used for all Advanced Forums. The initial posting should be made by the date indicated on the course site to give colleagues an opportunity to comment before the end of the period of study.