Watch the following film clips. Do a Mise en Scene analysis of the two clips, comparing and contrasting these two scenes. Be sure to discuss camera angles, kinesis, production design, lighting, costumes, etc.Include as many details as possible in a thorough analysis of these scenes which could also discuss themes and other concepts from class after you have fully addressed the mise en scene. Psycho 1960 Night of the Living Dead 1968Ben and Barbara Essay questionWatch this video on Night of the Living Dead on its 50th Anniversary and tell me your thoughts on its legacy. Now that you have watched the film, how do you feel it has impacted the horror genre and do we see its influence today in the genre? Do you agree or disagree with any of our points in the video? If you missed part of the film in class, please re-watch it onlinethere are full movie links available on YouTube, Pluto, Tubi, Amazon and more) Night @ 50 doc  with the Analysis & Essays, you should always follow the standard MLA writing format unless otherwise noted. So that means 12-point Times New Roman font with double spacing and one-inch margins. And when it comes to the lengths of these sections, the Analysis piece comparing Psycho and Night of the Living Dead should be 3 pages. The last Essay on Night @ 50 should be about one page.