Music /Music 107, Intro to America’s Music What is the cultural identity of America?”

Topic: As a young country, America lacked a cohesive cultural identity, relying instead on regional identities based on immigration patterns.Between about 1870 and 1970, that changed significantly, and an American Identity emerged. There are two questions to address in this topic.What is the cultural identity of America?Hint: It might help to think of America as opposed or compared to other countries or cultures.Hint: How can you tell if someone is American, or not?From where did this identity emerge? In previous discussion boards, we’ve dealt with all American music being multicultural.You should certainly use that, but can bring in other elements, as well.If you say that apple pie” is part of America’s cultural identity, then trace back what immigrant cultures) apple pie was from, and what were the foreign predecessors of apple pie as a tasty fruit and pastry dessert.Give examples from the music and history that we have studied in this course to support your statements. Focus on the 100 years from 1870 to 1970, as stated above.