Nursing 105: Medical-Surgical 1 Nursing Course Paper Purpose: This paper is desi

Nursing 105: Medical-Surgical 1 Nursing Course PaperPurpose: This paper is designed for the student to analyze both data from a client withcommonly-occurring health needs and an issue in contemporary nursing and, to apply thatissue to the client’s case. The analysis should show a working understanding of medical-surgical nursing concepts taught in second semester and address socio-cultural and clientdiversity needs. The student is expected to demonstrate effective use of Harford CommunityCollege library resources and to differentiate between credible and non-credible sources.Structure & Task:Part I: Select a client scenario of interest. The client should be someone for whom you havecared as part of the N105 clinical experience. Summarize:Client scenario and medical background, relevant careJustify the selection of this client scenarioexplain why it is of interest. The client’ssituation should be applicable to Part II.Part I: Identify a contemporary nursing issue from the topics provided and relate this to theclient scenario in Part I. Summarize the issue and analyze how it applies to your client’ssituation. This may be laid out as follows:. Introduction to the issue2. Analysis of issue and what the literature says about it. Analyze at least 2 articlesand one website, describing the impact of the issue on current nursing practice.One article must be from a nursing journal and must be peer-reviewed. Articlesshould have a publication date within the last 5 years. Discuss the strength of theevidence, which means asking yourself a question: Is the evidence convincingand based on strong data?3. Reflect on the issue and how it relates to the client. Literature may be referenced.Compare what you saw in clinical practice with the literature.4.Conclude with nursing implications and implications for the client.I’ve already chosen the topic of Nutrition: How the American Diet Relates to Diabetes.