Objective: To create a research plan for a qualitative study that accounts for p

Objective:To create a research plan for a qualitative study thataccounts for possible ethical issues and to evaluate your research plan.Scenario:As an educational researcher, you are interested inqualitative research topics such as educators’ and students’ experiences in theclassroom. You have decided to undertake a research study in this area. Mindfulof the special considerations that arise in qualitative research, you decide tothink through the possible ethical complications that may arise in such a studybefore you present your research proposal.1. First, select aqualitative study topic, then write a general research plan. Your general research plan should containenough information to tell you what its procedural implications will be. Next,list as many specific ethical considerations as possible that would be expectedto arise during the study. For each consideration, note how they could behandled. If you determine that your research plan will involve any practicethat is ethically problematic, describe what revisions to the plan would berequired to allow you to carry out your study in an ethically defensible way.2. Be sure to read theREFLECTION section below to guide your thinking. Write your reflection afteryou have completed your research plan.Reflection: For eachcomponent of your research plan:1. Explain how this component addressesthe issues in the scenario.2. Give evidence from the chaptersupporting this component (with citations).