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What is the social workers’ name and official title?Where are they employed?Describe and discuss their job duties.What kind of training and education is needed to do this type of social work practice?Where did they attend college?How did they come to decide this specialty?What services and activities are they most involved in within the agency?How does the person feel about his or her current work?What are the frustrations and rewards of the job?What ethical dilemmas has this person faced on the job?How does this person deal with burnout?Why did this person choose a career in social work? After the interview, reflect on and summarize your answers to the following questions:Discuss why or why not you would you want this social worker’s job. Yes I want to be one )Reflect on some of your thoughts positive or negative) throughout the interview process.positive thoughts is that he wanted to help people. Discuss if the social worker was knowledgeable about their job and their role as a social worker?Yes he is very knowledgeable Discuss what impressed you the most about this interview.