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You are hired to work as an expatriate to work abroad for three years in a management role. Choose and identify one country as highlighted in Chapter 14, and discuss the following:3. What is the core cultural traits, customs, values, and practices of the country in which you will be working?3.2. What are the perceived challenges and opportunities in working abroad?3.3. Based on what you know from 3.1 above, what training and onboarding will you need before managing abroad? Eg. what traditions and values will be different from your own that you will need to adapt to?4.0. Real-life application:We should not lose sight of the current events in the news regarding the topics of diversity, inclusion, race, discrimination, treatment, and the laws of the various challenges in the U.S. and the world as a whole that are in the forefront today. Students may research a current-event article on the topics related to the course content, e.g., same-sex partner benefits, sexual orientation gay, lesbian, transgender, etc.), controversies of police arrests, and various discrimination cases based on disability, sex, race, religion, sexual harassment, etc.Alternatively, you may research and present a lawsuit against the employer on the various topics of race, gender, religion, disability, national origin, sexual harassment, etc. and the related legal implications of disparate treatment, disparate impact, EEO, and Title VII.4. Summarize the article/lawsuit and discuss the core root problems in the news article.4.2 Are there any concerns of discrimination, harassment, or biases? If so, what are the issues?4.3. What are the legal implications? What are the suggested solutions in the workplace? Provide the facts from the article/lawsuit to support your analysis.